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"She's a lover. Baby, and a fighter. Should a seen it coming when I got a little brighter. With a name like Dani California" ("Dani California", Red Hot Chili Peppers.) Fierce and sensitive. Spiritual and intellectual. Free spirited person with a "To-Do" list. I'm someone who likes to see both sides of a coin. Defy contradictions. Someone who isn't limited by one-dimension. Instead, I'm someone who throws herself in various jobs, hobbies, and interests. My closet is a collection of the many hats I've worn throughout the years. Ranging from my college days...where I traveled to Romania to sing with my choir and studied Psychology. Or my years of working in the beauty industry for companies like Benefit and Lancome. To the long, challenging, years of bouncing around in the Restaurant Industry. Playing barista, waitress, bartender, and cook. Doing all these things and MORE while pursuing my TRUE dreams. Working with my sister, Shelly to produce Martinez Girlz Productions. Podcasting, photoshooting, videocasting, blogging, YouTubing, Social mediaing fun! Between the two of us, we have a variety of opinions and expertise to weigh in on.