Shelly Empty Tank?

Empty Tank?

Ever have times in your life where you just can’t get motivated or have energy to do anything? That was me a few weeks ago. Normally when I go through moments like this it’s due to depression. When I went through it this time I didn’t feel depressed or anything so it confused me ??‍♀️. I kept pushing forward and got a ton done but before I knew it I burnt out. My tank wasn’t just on empty it was on fumes! I’m proud of myself for being productive even though I had zero energy. The beauty of my job is I can work from my bed or couch ?. I took some time for myself to refuel, renew and grow. The only way I was going to be able to kick out of this funk was to fuel my energy. I’m responsible to make time for myself or I’ll gonna go nuts! If you find yourself going through the same thing remember YOU ARE IN CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE. It’s normal to have lows so don’t get discouraged. Don’t forget to refuel your energy…Shalom.

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