Food and Wine,Lifestyle Feeding Your Period Cravings

Feeding Your Period Cravings

Come on ladies, we all get them…period cravings ??‍♀️. I started my period today and all I wanted was pizza. I’m always trying to find healthy alternatives that satisfy my cravings. Today I went to my go to, Lean Cuisine pizza ?! I’m not saying you should eat one everyday but it’s better than going for something filled with naughtiness my body thinks it’s wants. I always keep some Lean Cuisine pizzas on hand so I don’t do something I will regret later. If you keep healthy (or healthier) foods at home you are more likely not to become slave to your cravings. Recently I’ve realized my past addiction with diet soda wasn’t just to get a caffeine fix but for the bubbles. I often have a sour tummy and the bubbles the diet soda has would temporarily relieve that uncomfortable feeling. What do I do now? Pass on the diet soda and grab a flavored seltzer water. Does the trick every time ?. What do you do to conquer your cravings? Comment below!!!

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