Shelly Find What Sets Your Soul On Fire

Find What Sets Your Soul On Fire

I spent two years mourning the world of wrestling. What does that mean? For me wrestling meant something completely different from what I realized it was REALLY about. It’s broke my heart and spirit. I had to accept that no matter what I do it won’t changed anything. I don’t belong in that world. Not because I’m not good enough or I didn’t care but what I experienced and saw around me wasn’t what I signed up for. Last summer I began to rediscover what brings me Life, what sets my soul on fire. If you feel like your stuck emotionally or can’t seem to let go of what is holding you back remember to “be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.” When becoming fearless to what inspires you often leads to a whole new world that’s waiting for you with open arms. What sets your soul on fire?

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