Shelly Getting It Together

Getting It Together

Just worked on tomorrow’s schedule. Lots to do but I got this! First step is being organized. I’ve struggled for years trying to find the right balance so that I can maintain focus. Seems like my pattern is whenever I find my groove I get super inspired and want to create but lose all focus because I’m not organized. I overwhelm myself ??‍♀️.I’ve always been told “write it down” when talking about ideas, lucid dreams and goals. I’m really working hard on keeping MYSELF accountable for writing everything down and BE ORGANIZED. Step 1 of holding myself accountable? This blog. Now it’s out there for the world to read so I better back my words by actions. They are meaningless with actions. Can’t you relate? Leave me a comment below! Love to hear your experiences or thoughts. Time to wind down with The Office then head to bed. Nightie night!

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