Shelly Happy Monday

Happy Monday

Well, I’m still fighting this sickness I got on Saturday evening while in North Carolina but it’s good to be back in LA!  After Francine and I left Wrestlecade we headed out to a fun restaurant near by for some food and a couple of drinks to end the day.  Everything was fine until a couple hours later when Francine and I found ourselves violently ill.  We didn’t drink much so it had to be something we ate.  I planned on going to Marina del Rey after I landed but on the way to the airport I felt like just going home.  Thank God I didn’t puke or have diarrhea on the plane.  When Metal Jesus picked me up I said screw it, let’s still go and I’m glad we did!  Walking around in the fresh air helped me so much.  It was hard to eat anything but as Marge Simpson says “slow and steady wins the race!”

I lost one of my phones, yes I am douche that has two, during the weekend.  It must have fallen out of my bag ?.  What’s worse is it’s my phone I use to post and such so there is a lot of content on there I need and apps I paid for.  Everything happens for a reason right?

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