Shelly Happy Tuesday

Happy Tuesday

How’s your week going so far? I swear having the Wake N Bake show with Danielle has saved me. As most of you know I had a strange couple of years. I lost myself in depression and it got worse when I went back on the Depo birth control shot ?. I gained 25lbs, had to cut my hair because I’m an idiot and tried to go blonde, I was heartbroken over the truths of both the wrestling world and Hollywood, it was tough. Last fall I FINALLY began to pick up the pieces of my shattered soul and found inspiration. I felt it tugging on my heart but I didn’t know where to begin. I started to watch YouTube (again) and found what I was looking for. Stepanka Motto, Shane Dawson and Stacy Burke literally helped me kick out of my depression and get to work! Stepanka changed my life when she introduced me to Patreon. My Secret Society Patrons were there for me the whole time and saw it all go down. Once I regained my focus the site was doing better and I came up with the Wake N Bake Morning Show! Since I was a wee Shelly I wanted to work in radio. I would record myself interacting with talk radio hosts as “practice.” Danielle and I started doing podcast in 2009. We’ve done them all baby ?. The Wake N Bake Morning Show has not only allowed me to get back into podcasting BUT Danielle’s segment, Cafe Danielle, has help me understand myself and others in a more intimate way. Priceless. It’s biblical, my sister is helping me grow as a person �. Thank you to all my Secret Society Patrons for believing in me, Danielle and everything we are doing. Because of you I have a full time job doing what I love. Positive vibes, Love and Light to everyone reading this. If you feel you have lost yourself during your journey in Life let this post be a reminder that it’s okay to get lost as long as you get back on the right path so you can move forward and become a better version of yourself. ONE Love! Shalom. ?

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