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I Wanna Kick My Own Ass

I was SO on the right track with my fitness but after Ashley passed away depression kicked into high gear.  Now that I have moved forward in my grief I am taking my damn energy back!  It’s so annoying I wanna kick my own ass.  I’ve been in this mode WAY too many times, I come on here all inspired then get back on track but something happens and I take several steps back.  I don’t regret these last few months.  Everything that came with it, including a 5 pound weight gain, was worth it.  To be honest most of it was happy weight.  I was finally not in a horrifying mindspace.  I was FINALLY able to enjoy moments and yummy food.  When I was on track and felt super confident I was able to get away with naughty foods here and there.  I just wanna be back at that place.  Honestly doing customs has helped me so much you have no idea.  Dude, I’m amazed at the positive impact custom videos have been to my life.  Anyhow, of course tomorrow I have a fun house party to go to BUT I’m going to stay on track and bring my own food.  Well, let’s see what happens…

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