Shelly Morning


How was your weekend? Mine was decent. Had Secret Society work to do and recuperate from last week. I had out of town guests and by the time they left I was drained! Later today I’ll get into more detail on my daily vlog ( I had a fun time but gotta admit feels good to get back in my daily routine.

Don’t know about you but whenever I grow in life I feel kinda off for a bit. Almost like a haze. No, it’s not because I medicated 😂. Maybe I should do a video on it. Maybe not. Some things are better said in writing or not at all. No matter what at the end of the day I’ve come to realize ACTION is key to everything. For months I’ve been so overwhelmed. Slowly but surely I’m conquering all that I said I was gonna do. Result? The overwhelming feeling is weakening. It almost doesn’t exist because I took action. Wasn’t always easy but it’s worth it. Hope this helps anyone going through similar changes.

Wanna hang out? Awesome 😎 Here’s this week’s live stream schedule:

🤫 Secret Society Streams

💖 Tues – ALL Members 3/6PM
🦇 Wed – Vampira + 3/6PM
💋 Fri – Bite Club + 2/4PM

📺 Shelly TV

🥂 Regal Beagle Happy Hour 🍻
4/7PM Thursday

Join the Secret Society Streams on and Shelly TV streams on You can also find the Shelly TV streams on my main Twitter feed (ShellyFromCali).

Have an awesome day! Positive vibes 💖🦇