Danielle New Me

New Me

Hello, NEW Me!!

I’ve been distracted by many things like work, dating, frustrations, depression, and other personal challenges. I was stuck in a routine that caused me to loose motivation. Working at a holistic pet store has changed my life for the better. I lost my last “real job” after I tried climbing up the business latter. I was handling the business’s social media. I got a scholarship for college for singing but I still decided to major in Psychology. It was a private Christian university and I gained a wealth of knowledge about Psychology during that time. I aimed for straight A’s in all my psychology courses. Only once did I get a B in psychology and it was in an advanced class that I started messing up in because I was distracted. I shared this background with my previous job and offered to work Human Resources for them. I was going to take online classes to get whatever certification and training I needed for the position. They allowed to try me out in this position. I sat down with staff individually and privately. I asked them their honest thoughts about the business. I told them I would keep their feedback anonymous…READ MORE

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