Shelly New Week, New Start, New Life

New Week, New Start, New Life

“Nothing good comes easily. Sometime you gotta fight…” – 311

The last 4 months have been challenging. Through each challenge I’ve learned more about others and more importantly myself. The Lord has revealed so much, it’s been a little
overwhelming. This weekend really put my faith to test. The results? I’ve shed my skin (once again) enabling me to be the gal I was ALWAYS meant to be.

I have my work cut out for me this week but hey! It’s a new week. I love looking at Monday’s as a reminder to reset. If I didn’t accomplish everything I set out for last week IT’S OKAY. I didn’t fail. As long as I genuinely keep trying the journey will take care of me. I will be where I am supposed to be with who I’m supposed to be with. Something I’ve struggled with these last few years is letting go of connections that no longer serve me. Once I FINALLY started to use my energy more wisely the life I want is becoming more obtainable.

Here’s to a new week! I will strive to do better today than I did yesterday. I hope you will too ?

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