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Nothin’ Like a Good Old Hike!

Nothing like a good old hike to end my weekend. My fitness goal is to work out at home during the weekday and go on at least 1 hike during the weekend.  Been doing good with weekday routines but hikes have been few and far between.  This weekend I went to the Old LA Zoo for the first time!

Being that I’m a So Cal model I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to go there.  For almost 20 years I’ve heard about it or seen gals shoot awesome content so I finally went to scout the location for an upcoming shoot.  To my surprise they still had their annual Haunted Hayride decor up which totally added to the experience.

Dude, the energy there is unreal.  You can’t deny it.  Almost like something there wants everyone to go away.  I felt pain, suffering and a sense of feeling trapped.  An energy I was attracted to because I can deeply relate.  Now I’m obsessed with understanding what I felt.  Perhaps I’m playing with fire but there something there I need to revisit.

There’s a couple trails, next time I’m gonna hike up to Bee Rock ?.  I’ll have a vlog up soon.  Until then here’s a fun clip from my adventure…

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