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Spring has SPRUNG… which means SUMMER is around the corner! It’s the season to toss out the old and spring forward with a new, fresh, start! I’ve been feeling the desire for change months ago. A result is that I began a beauty journey. I was told many times that my eyebrows were too overdone and distracting. I was always offended and hurt by these comments… although I didn’t disagree. I’ve been trying to find a balance. Sometimes, I forget how small my face is. I’ve gotten my makeup down professionally many times. I’ve noticed that most makeup artists mainly contour my features but apply minimal makeup. They don’t give me dramatic, heavy, looks unless I asked for it specifically. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve been softening my look. I still express myself. I wear metallic, bright colors, patterns, anything fun… you name it! In a makeup sense, I want to master the “everyday-daytime” look that’s perfectly fitting for my face. I’m all about a sexy, natural, fun, look!

On the other hand…. I LOVE MY ACRYLIC NAILS! I recently got chrome nails. It’s beautiful and a cool process. The manicurist paints the nails with a black polish base. Then, they apply the coat chrome color. Suddenly, they bust out a MAGNET! They do something under a light and they hover the magnet over your nail.. it’s scientific nails!! This was such an awesome experience and I feel my nails are a work of art! LOVE IT!

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