Shelly PT Crusin’

PT Crusin’

Well, it’s 1AM and I FINALLY post today’s ?Wake n Bake Morning Show.  Slow and steady wins the race right?  Yesterday while I took a break from working I headed down to Echo Park to hit up some record stores for some Sunday Funday action.  Had my Fun Cam with me to vlog it all!

Something I realized is it’s okay to take my time with what I’m doing not just in my work life but my personal one too.  It’s so easy to get caught up in the hustle it’s important to take some time for yourself.  I’ve been staying in my house for too long.  I create there, it’s comfortable and my “safe place” which leads to me not leaving the house for days sometimes aside from walking my dogs.  Not good.  Yesterday I pushed myself to leave the house and enjoy life.  I hate when I get in these modes.  Can you relate?  Comment below!

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