Danielle Saying Goodbye To My Job

Saying Goodbye To My Job

You can love, appreciate, and cherish something. This thing is your stability that you rely on. You learned and gained not only knowledge but also connections with others. Deep meaning and organic interactions surround this thing. Sometimes, it is time to move onto something else because IT IS TIME. Change is not only inevitable but GOOD. We can become too comfortable or stagnant when we find ourselves STUCK in a routine. Our inspiration needs to be re-lit!

I went as far as I could. I wanted MORE opportunities and I wanted a NEW start. I lived in the same neighborhood for years. Worked at the same place for years then worked at another place for a few years. It seemed like change only happened initially then the chain reaction stopped. I wouldn’t change again for a long time. I am not where I want to be and I can’t afford to waste time. I would be willing to remain in something that gets me closer to where I am going. So, I moved to a new city. Immediately, I looked for a job in that new neighborhood. I was extremely persistent and got an interview. Eventually, I got hired! I put my 2 weeks in. Everything happened so fast! I am in a place in life where I am diving into BIG changes. It is time for a fresh start!

This video is me getting ready to drive away on my last day of my old job. It was very emotional. Please, let me know your feedback! Have you ever felt this way about leaving a job? Did it feel like a breakup to you?

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