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Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Been working hard to get back into shape. Hate it’s taking so long but slow and steady wins the race right? At least I can see my abs peeking out trying to say hi…

The key is balance. So easy to say now but when I lost the balance I felt lost and hopeless. Depression is such a bitch.

The good news is my clothes fit WAY better and that makes me feel better. People often think I’m crazy for saying I’m out of shape. They don’t realize it’s not just about the look it’s when I find myself out of breath or too tired to do anything. That’s the problem. Then then the mental health issues come full force. Taking it day by day.

Positive vibes to everyone trying to stay/get healthy. If it was easy we’d all be walking around fit and feeling great. Stay focused and remember YOU are in control.