Tan Those Cheeks Uncensored

I was originally gonna post this for Vampire Lounge but decided to add it in my YT vlog next week. I’m gonna censor my boobs so I don’t get in trouble. Figured why not share the uncensored version with Vampira + members!

I’m in Sacramento right now for Modest Moms Wrestling. I have a full day of shooting. I planned on shooting this morning before heading out but I slept in. Had to. That 6 hour drive took a toll on me. Plus, not sure if you saw on Twitter, but my friend Shannon aka Daffney took her life Wednesday. Most of you know how I am about death so that’s going on too. Trying to stay positive. Good thing I have a busy day to keep me distracted for a bit.
Positive vibes, Love and Light to all of you.

Thank you so much for all the support. Means SO much. I’m a lucky gal to have such awesome fans. I’ll be Snapping and vlogging all day. If you need to be added to the Secret Society Twitter or Snapchat email me so I can add ya 😉